MediGroup enters anti-aging and dermatology sector through a partnership with Ioanna Batsialou

Blue Sea Capital is pleased to announce that MediGroup entered into a partnership with Dr Ioanna Batsialou, a pioneer of anti-ageing medicine and a leader in dermatology in Serbia. Ioanna MediGroup clinic (“the Clinic”) is based in Belgrade and delivers anti-aging and dermatology treatments, building on Dr. Batsialou’s broad experience in anti-ageing medicine.
With the establishment of the Clinic, the Serbian healthcare platform MediGroup will provide an additional range of services to its clients, including mesotherapy, non-invasive face and body treatments, as well as a spectrum of dermatology and anti-ageing treatments.
Vuk Vuković, Partner of Blue Sea Capital, said: “MediGroup, as the leader in private healthcare market in Serbia, is pleased to add this unique service to its offering. We look forward to working with Dr Ioanna Batsialou on advancing the clinic in anti-ageing medicine and dermatology.”

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