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Investment Approach

Blue Sea Capital aims to invest in SMEs in the following sectors in its investment region: healthcare services, FMCG, service business, niche manufacturing and retail.
Companies based in the region of ex-Yugoslavia
Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro and North Macedonia
Established Businesses
Blue Sea Capital invests in established and EBITDA level profitable businesses. Blue Sea Capital does not invest in seed, early or later-stage start-up companies
Defensive (acyclical) sectors
Blue Sea Capital will focus on investments in defensive (acyclical) industries that are usually not significantly impacted by recessions and/or short-term market volatility
Structurally growing businesses
Blue Sea Capital invests in companies growing on the back of structural trends, companies where growth can be reinvigorated and in companies in fragmented markets that can benefit from acquisitive growth
Market position
Blue Sea Capital targets companies with strong and defendable market position, usually market leaders in their segment
Strong cash flow generation
Strong cash flow generation is an important characteristic of an investee company, as Blue Sea Capital aims to use leverage in a disciplined manner to enhance investment returns